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Financial planning is the cornerstone of every conversation I have with a client or prospect. But what is financial planning, and why should you care? 

Financial planning allows us to take a step back and have an open conversation about how to help you reach current and future goals. Your financial plan acts as a guide through life's transitions and keeps you on track to attain your life and financial goals. 

While we will eventually have open and honest discussions about your current financial situation, first, I want to learn more about you and your priorities. There are several aspects of financial planning. I've outlined a few areas below to help answer: "Am I on track?" If so, we may decide to leave everything as is. If not, we will review your investments, tax situation, retirement plan options, and more. 

<span data-contrast="none">Retirement Planning</span>

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is geared toward those three to five years from retirement. We will talk through: 

  • What are you looking for in retirement? 
  • Anticipated retirement date? 
  • Company retirement benefits? 
  • Plans after retirement: A part-time job or travel or both? 
  • Legacy hopes for family and friends? 

Once I understand your retirement dreams, we will put a plan in place to help you work toward reaching your goals. Let's talk about ways to minimize the financial stress that often accompanies retirement so that you can enjoy the days you've worked so hard to get to. 

<span data-contrast="none">Retirement Income Strategies </span>

Retirement Income Strategies 

For folks who are within a year or less from retiring or have recently retired, one of their concerns is whether their money will last through their retirement. Your company benefits and Social Security election strategy can make a difference in the total amount you receive over the life of your retirement. We will review your overall income stream picture and build this portion of your financial plan. 

<span data-contrast="none">Life Events/Transitions </span>

Life Events/Transitions 

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, "Change is the only constant in life." As you look at your financial plan, those words ring true. Transitions that have a more significant financial impact often cause us to pause and take a moment to review your plan. Whether you experience the loss of a spouse or parent, received an inheritance, or are going through a divorce, these are the times it is crucial to review your financial plan. We'll talk through your new circumstances and intertwine them with your established plan. 

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